So Violet is longing for her very own pet, despite the 2 dogs & cat that we have fluffing up the house.  Her current “starvin’ for..” is a Guinea Pig.  After telling her that she would need to persuade Daddy first, and that could take some time, she adopted a caterpillar.  She happened across him while she was trying to catch clouds with a stick.  A green juicy one that has been named ‘Catty’.  He had a ride in her bike basket to be introduced to Granny today & at bedtime she put his box on her bedside table, patted the clingfilm roof and said ‘night night Catty’ as he scurried under a bit of lettuce for cover.  I hope he will still be in there in the morning…..


About freddyandviolet

Vintage lover, crafter & mum of 2
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