Musings of a 3yr old

My daughter Violet is very articulate for her young years & despite thinking that anyone called ‘Chris’ is actually a ‘Crisp’ & ‘programmes’ are ‘playgrammes’ etc, she really has got a good hold on the English language.  She believes the knots in her hair are alive & when I try to brush them she tells me very firmly to “leave them Mummy, they’re sleeping!”.  When she needs to be carried her “legs are broked” & when she really wants something, say a Guinea Pig (!) she’s “staaaaarving for one!.  I love this stage of nearly getting it right but not.  I can’t bare to correct her or Freddy for fear their own little language will grow up…..


About freddyandviolet

Vintage lover, crafter & mum of 2
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