As I sheepishly enter the world of blogging my hopes are not to bore anyone & even better, to provide some inspiration for fellow crafters.  I will also be using this as a forum to show my products, to share ideas & to talk about my true loves – Freddy & Violet.

I’m in love with vintage bits, DIY & craftyness & get so much inspiration from blogs that I thought it was time I joined the ranks.  See you soon with some pics of my projects & maybe even a tutorial!


About freddyandviolet

Vintage lover, crafter & mum of 2
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3 Responses to Intro

  1. Lee says:

    A beautiful beginning to what will, no doubt, be a spectacular blog with a subtle blend of whimsy and practicality.

  2. Sti says:

    Just wonderful! True to form, subtle but tres chic!!

  3. Julia says:

    Saffron, inspirational!! Love your crafts, and will follow with interest Violet’s pet sagas. Congratulations and hope it becomes all you want it to be. xx

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