Sunny days & magical rays

As we opened the curtains to our second glorious summer’s morning (after a hideous amount of grey & rain), Violet threw her little arms into the air announcing “FAIRY SPARKLES!!!!”.  She was of course referring to the copious amounts of dust floating around in the rays of sun. It is amazing how a bit of sun can change the way things look & put a bit of sparkle into life! Even to dust… a 3yr old anyway.

So I spent the morning sanding & waxing chairs in preparation for Treacle on Sunday & then  we spent most of the day outside playing in the sandpit, reading books on blankets &

Reading in the garden

potting plants. My latest craze is succulents. Inspired my Mum’s growing collection (she’s getting ready to do a living wall so is cultivating lots of succulents that are having babies all over the place).  I’m hoping that their low maintenance translates to a high survival rate. I’m sick of killing house plants, I just haven’t got the knack. Many lovely Maiden Hair’s have suffered a dry death at my hands leaving me feeling guilty & cross, so I’m hoping succulents really will stand a good chance of survivial.

Painted, waxed and almost ready to go

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Brooches & questions

Have been busy putting together jewellery in preparation for the next market.  They’re a bit vintage looking & a bit medal inspired.  Am also trialing some very sweet dolls which happily use up my nice fabric scraps too.

Last night as Freddy was going to bed he asked “what are lips for?”.  We had to think about that one……

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Pinwheels & Letters

Love pinwheels

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Revamped Vintage

This gallery contains 6 photos.

I’ve been busy getting ready for the market on Sunday.  Lots of lovely furniture but also lots of rain predicted.  I had paint left in a tin of Little Green Company, so have used that on most of the furniture. … Continue reading

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MISSING: Fat, green Caterpillar. Answers to ‘Catty’.

Catty was NOT in his little house this morning. So we now have a juicy, green caterpillar lurking in the house.

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So Violet is longing for her very own pet, despite the 2 dogs & cat that we have fluffing up the house.  Her current “starvin’ for..” is a Guinea Pig.  After telling her that she would need to persuade Daddy first, and that could take some time, she adopted a caterpillar.  She happened across him while she was trying to catch clouds with a stick.  A green juicy one that has been named ‘Catty’.  He had a ride in her bike basket to be introduced to Granny today & at bedtime she put his box on her bedside table, patted the clingfilm roof and said ‘night night Catty’ as he scurried under a bit of lettuce for cover.  I hope he will still be in there in the morning…..

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Musings of a 3yr old

My daughter Violet is very articulate for her young years & despite thinking that anyone called ‘Chris’ is actually a ‘Crisp’ & ‘programmes’ are ‘playgrammes’ etc, she really has got a good hold on the English language.  She believes the knots in her hair are alive & when I try to brush them she tells me very firmly to “leave them Mummy, they’re sleeping!”.  When she needs to be carried her “legs are broked” & when she really wants something, say a Guinea Pig (!) she’s “staaaaarving for one!.  I love this stage of nearly getting it right but not.  I can’t bare to correct her or Freddy for fear their own little language will grow up…..

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